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List of Public DNS Servers. The free DNS servers listed above as Level 3 will automatically route to the nearest DNS server operated by Level 3 Communications, the company that provides most of the ISPs in the US their access to the internet backbone. The public DNS Server comes with the fundamental features. Google Public DNS was started in 2009 and has enabled millions of internet goers to enjoy a great online experience. The next fastest DNS server on the list is Google Public DNS. Public DNS Server Tool lets you easily change the DNS servers of your Windows PC with a click. Provider Primary DNS Server Secondary DNS Server Level 3 Verisign Google 3: DNS.WATCH 4: IP Address Location AS Number Software / Version Checked Status Reliability Whois; Click on Use The Following DNS Server Addresses and type SafeServe resolvers IP in the Preferred DNS server. Please consider carefully which ones you would like to use. To use Google Public DNS, users will need to configure their network settings to use the IP addresses and as their DNS servers. I recommend using a private DNS server with a VPN that offers encrypted protection, like NordVPN. Google Public DNS also supports IPv6 addresses. Every domain has a DNS server that handles requests coming to a computer and translates a domain name to a unique IP address. The free DNS service was co-developed by the Global Cyber Alliance, IBM, and Packet Clearing House. Domain Name System (DNS, pol. Verisign Public DNS is now part of Neustar UltraDNS Public. To use Google Public DNS servers, configure network settings with the following IP addresses: This is a list of publicly available DNS servers suitable for use with IPFire. Primary:; Secondary:; Established in 2005 and currently owned by Cisco, OpenDNS is one of the largest brands in public DNS servers. Switching to a free public DNS server can make a real difference, with more responsive browsing and lengthy 100% uptime records meaning there's much less chance of technical problems. Preferred DNS server:; Alternate DNS server:; 2. That can’t be true because you can select DNS servers according to your needs. I tested the top 18 public DNS servers for 2020 and all of them are safe. The independent testing from sites such a DNSPerf have proved that Cloudflare is actually the fastest public DNS Server out there on the internet. Using Google Public DNS server, you will get a better browsing experience and enhanced security on your computer. Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: Of course, Google was going to be the number one pick on the list of free DNS servers. While some DNS servers can improve your privacy, not all DNS servers will block ads, trackers, or harmful websites. Linksys Router. CloudFlare Scan for the letters DNS next to a field which allows two or three sets of numbers, each broken into four groups of one to three numbers. Put in the OpenDNS server addresses, and, as your DNS server settings and save/apply. Máy tính của bạn sử dụng Public DNS server (nếu ISP không can thiệp vào việc này) để giúp bạn mở các trang web yêu thích một cách nhanh nhất. By using Google’s DNS servers, you will get higher security and better browsing experience on your computer. Google Public DNS is a Domain Name System (DNS) service offered to Internet users worldwide by Google.It functions as a recursive name server.Google Public DNS was announced on 3 December 2009, in an effort described as "making the web faster and more secure". However, that needs a little more configuration which you can learn by clicking here. If the name server names and glue addresses in the TLD are stale or incorrect, this can cause delegation problems. Conclusion of Best Free Public DNS Servers 2020. Saying it is a second DNS server confuses it. Public DNS Server Tool provides you with a simple way to change DNS servers. Some of the most popular public DNS servers are those provided by Google ( and, the alternate DNS, and OpenDNS (DNS server IPs: and An extensive and constantly updated list of encrypted DNS servers (DoH and DNSCrypt) that are free and publicly accessible. However, you do need to be careful. We may allow partners or academic researchers to … Google claims that its DNS server offers a faster browsing experience, improvements in overall security while browsing the Internet, and accurate results without redirects. system nazw domen) – hierarchiczny rozproszony system nazw sieciowych, który odpowiada na zapytania o nazwy domen.. Dzięki DNS nazwa mnemoniczna, np. One of the fastest DNS servers which you can use on your computer is Google Public DNS server. What is If you want to change your current DNS server to Google Public DNS, you will need to change your IP addresses to and If you think following DNS is best for your security, then choose it without any doubts. Một trong những máy chủ nhanh và mạnh nhất mà nhiều bạn biết, Sử dụng DNS Server của Google bạn sẻ có trải nghiệm tốt nhất về tốc độ và độ bảo mật. Unlike most DNS resolvers, does not sell user data to advertisers. Zapewnia z jednej strony rejestrację nazw domen internetowych i … jest tłumaczona na odpowiadający jej adres IP, czyli DNS to złożony system komputerowy oraz prawny. DNS Servers that support UDP/TCP It is mostly a foolproof method that any skill level can utilize. Google Public DNS. This domain resolves to the IPv6 addresses listed above, and the DoH and DoT services at ports 443 and 853 for those addresses have TLS certificates for As of 2018, it is the largest public DNS service in the world, handling over a trillion queries per day. Unlike the DNS that our operator / internet service provider provides us with automatically, alternative DNS usually gives us many more options. DNS server or name server is a computer that contains the database and the software for mapping between domain names and public IP addresses. As of Dec. 3, 2020 the IP blocks (,, 2620:74:1b::1:1, 2620:74:1c::2:2), formerly used by the Verisign Public DNS service, have been transferred to Neustar’s recursive service, Neustar UltraDNS Public.This address space is now mapped to the Unfiltered Resolution service level of Neustar UltraDNS Public. Google Public DNS64 supports DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT) secure DNS transports using the domain instead of A public recursive name server (also called public DNS resolver) is a name server service that networked computers may use for query to the Domain Name System (DNS), the decentralized Internet naming system, in place of or in addition to name servers operated by the local Internet service provider (ISP) to which the devices are connected. 100%: The use of public DNS servers has become very popular in recent years. Google Public DNS Server. Google Public DNS Server. 2020-12-25 02:26:44 UTC: valid DNSSEC 100 % Public DNS Server Tool is a tiny and portable piece of software which allows you to seamlessly switch to another DNS server for your network interface card.. The DNS servers addresses and are very easy to remember, so that people can set them on their devices without having to visit the official site to get the listed DNS addresses. In addition, has been measured to be the fastest DNS resolver available. Find the DNS server settings. Both are free in the sense that they do not charge you for the usage, but they keep logs and use them for advertising, re-marketing, profiling , etc. is a public DNS resolver operated by Cloudflare that offers a fast and private way to browse the Internet. Some people suggest using DNS that works best for online streaming, video games and many other things. Google Public DNS. The goal of this small networking utility is to simplify the process of changing your DNS server settings. The SWITCH Public DNS service generates aggregated data from authoritative name server responses (See Information Collection and Use). Your DNS server for this would need to be public facing and would be purely for lookup, the domain itself, the web/content would be hosted on an alternative server, if this DNS server went down, no one could resolve your domain name. Google Public DNS also provides support for IPv6 connectivity so if you meet the necessary requirements for setting up an IPv6 connection, you will have to alter your IP address accordingly. Bangkok 7470 TRUE INTERNET Co.,Ltd. 2. Are DNS servers safe? You can use for Alternate DNS server field. Photo from Open DNS . Public DNS server giữ thông tin về những server khác khi được yêu cầu trong lần tiếp theo. Cloudflare DNS is arguably the best public DNS service currently.It is very fast, given the fact that Cloudflare operates a massive global network with data center presence in over 100 countries. The public DNS Server is well known for the top-class content delivery network it provides. This is one of the fastest DNS servers which many users are using on their computers. A DNS server is a computer server that contains a database of public IP addresses and their associated hostnames, and in most cases serves to resolve, or translate, those names to IP addresses as requested. If you already have specific IPs mentioned in the mentioned fields, please make sure to write them down for future reference. Google Public DNS is a "parent-centric" resolver, which only uses the name servers returned in referrals from the parent domain. Lake Saint Louis DNS servers run special software and communicate with each other using special protocols. Reasons for using these services include: The name of this public DNS server resembles its IP address, i.e., Danh sách DNS Server tốt nhất 2020 1. Google Public DNS server. DNS Server Location Reliability; 100%: 2001:470:1f1a:78e::2 The details of the Google DNS server are shared below: Preferred DNS server:; Alternate DNS server: Public DNS Server Tool has a pre-configured list to choose a new public DNS server. They are operated by many different organisations in many different countries. Quad9 is a non-profit community assistance DNS server system which is bolstered by IBM and many different cybersecurity firms for the usage of operating a privacy security-centric public and free DNS server.

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