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In comparison, Usain Bolt’s record in the 100-meter dash roughly translates into 23 mph (Bolt reaches peak speeds of around 27 mph—but still).So, even if you were Usain Bolt, there’s a good chance you’re not outrunning a gorilla, and this assumes the fight takes place on a race track (where a human can really sprint) and not in a forest, where running speed isn’t much of an issue. The question is who would win in a fight no weapons nothing, a gorilla or a strongman/ world’s strongest man. Testicle size (from largest to smallest): 1. chimpanzee: largest 2. human: in between 3. gorilla and orangutan: smallest; Female gorillas are the most faithful. Mobility is also an important factor when considering a human vs. gorilla altercation. Gorilla VS Worlds Strongest Man. ), or the human fighter is armed (especially with something like a spear that can hold the gorilla off at a distance), the gorilla will kill the human and then be vaguely dejected that the human wasn’t able to put up enough of a challenge to be interesting. Not only are gorillas stronger, but they are closer to the ground. The strongest humans in the world can be up to 8 times stronger than average.Thats probably significantly stronger than a gorilla,and on top of that,the human strongman would have the advantages of endurance,motor skills and a bipedal physionomy that allows to punch hard. You’ve run out of free articles. The human skin is like paper vs leather of a gorilla. Or even his intelligence to adapt to the bear's brute force. So in the other post they said that a chimp could rip apart a human limb from limb never mind a gorilla but this isn’t true. And may I add:that is all in terms of pulling,it's extremely likely that when it comes to pushing humans are much stronger than any other primate because of our lifestyle. Once he’d corrected the measurement for their smaller body sizes, chimpanzees did … So in the other post they said that a chimp could rip apart a human limb from limb never mind a gorilla but this isn’t true. “Gorilla beats the man, man beats the gun, gun beats gorilla, if you tie, you die. The avg gorilla lifts many times over it's own body weight. Immortal average man vs a Silverback Gorilla. To give you an idea of what that looks like, they can lift up to 1,800 pounds and effectively throw with nearly 990 pounds of force . Dude the world strongest man will still come up short on an average gorrilla we were not built for strenght. Yes it would be very possible,these other comments here are nonsense,it was once believe that chimps are 5 times stronger than humans which is just bs. The gorilla’s musculature and skeleton are considerably more robust than the human’s, which means that the gorilla will soak up much more punishment before being seriously injured. 3. gorilla and orangutan: smallest (about an inch and a half when erected!) Their bodies are beefed up to perform specific exercises not fight. Gorilla vs Bear (Is a Bear Stronger Than a Gorilla) March 17, 2020 admin Mammal 0. also, strongmen are built for lifting, not fighting. This topic was … Being a wild animal, the gorilla will throw 100 percent of his available resources into the fight from the word. KEY—There could only be one winner in this game, but with Jesus, everyone can win. Which firearm is more effective against an attacking bear: pistol, rifle, or shotgun? Often they are animal vs. animal but otherwise, a man vs. animal, which doesn’t happen frequently but one battle keeps popping up and has kept the people debating as to who will win in a fight, a Silverback Gorilla … That's why he survived. So I’ve seen this before on this subreddit but I have some things to add. Photo by Jean-Christophe Verhaegen/AFP/GettyImages. The proposed third subspecies of Gorilla beringei, which has not yet received a trinomen, is the Bwindi population of the mountain gorilla, sometimes called the Bwindi gorilla.. Conclusion: Human fighter, even if you’re Brock Lesnar or Anderson Silva or whoever, is totally screwed in a straight up one-on-one fight. not to mention that gorillas are more savage in fighting and have no limitations in what they'll do to win a fight, whereas humans subconsciously have morals that dictate what they can and can't do in a fight. Chimpanzees are considered the closest living relative of humans, sharing 95 to 98 percent of the same DNA, according to the Jane Goodall Institute. His center of gravity is closer to the ground. If it goes for the tiger then the man wins, if it goes for the man then it depends on whether the man can recover his spear before something else attacks him. No matter how big certain person is, still the strength of Gorilla will going to conquer and a man will just get rip. This man is an average man. I know we see gorillas as giant beasts but I’d say if stood next to a strongman they wouldn’t look so big. All rights reserved. I know you may be thinking the human would be demolished by a gorilla but why do we think this? One battle that keeps popping up is a Grizzly vs a Silverback Gorilla, who wins? Man vs Gorilla Let's say I have the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger (in his prime ) but 8 feet tall , the skills and speed of Yip Man/ Bruce Lee / Ali / Tyson (in their prime ) and the strength of Louis Cyr ( the strongest man in history, carried 4337 pounds ). You can cancel anytime. A lower center of gravity makes them much harder to knock off balance. The worlds strongest man weighs about the same or more than a gorilla and is at least 6 inches taller. But … Gorillas is an animal and his instinct is totally different from a man, he doesn't care if he get hurt or hurting anyone. Kang and Cap are Agents of Atlas . Video Games. Gorilla-Man is an alias used by three different fictional superheroes appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, beginning in 1954 with Ken Hale, and continuing with Arthur Nagan, who also appeared in 1954 and Franz Radzik, who first appeared in 1962. Also if it was a fight to the death and the strongman was in the right animal beast mode mindset he would be more savage. The average gorilla is approximately six to 15 times as strong (depending on who you ask). Strongmen that powerlifting like that are VERY prone to injury as well. At that point I think the rest of … Unless the gorilla is somehow hobbled (drugged, lamed, etc. A proper awareness or serious consideration would be beneficial about the characteristics and other natural history related factors of these two primates in order to avoid errors. In the most detailed study to date comparing the muscles of chimps and humans, researchers found that chimps are 1.35 times more powerful than people. The strongest p4p man known could lift about +70% body weight over his head but he was … Orangutan vs Gorilla . Close. Now bear vs gorilla? A gorilla can reach speeds of 20 mph to 25 mph. A male gorilla significantly outweighs most professional fighters. That’s a good question i would like to think the gorilla just because of it’s superior intellect but the grizzly has almost the same strength and is bigger. Answer by Kent Fung: On average, a gorilla is anywhere between 4 to 9 times the strength of a man. I want to give a clear answer based on real world knowledge of both these great animals. Conclusion: You’re not outrunning the gorilla. All contents © 2020 The Slate Group LLC. All those techniques that we rely on to defeat stronger opponents aren’t going to be enough to overcome that much strength differential: You will not be arm-barring a gorilla, for instance, even if you’re Rickson Gracie. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the NoStupidQuestions community, Press J to jump to the feed. Battle. The gorilla would seriously kill the shit out of any man. This question originally appeared on Quora. Who would win: A Silverback Gorilla vs a Grizzly Bear. I think the gorilla will. A silverback gorilla is pictured at a zoo in France. Posted by. Strong men have lifted 500kg and other insane weights and I know you may think this wont translate into fighting but fighting is about intelligence and humans are far far smarter than apes. 1 day ago. Slate is published by The Slate Group, a Graham Holdings Company. Gorillas are not likely to attack a human - and in fact there is no evidence to suggest that a gorilla has ever attacked a human - unless their babies are under threat from poachers. If you get charged at by a massive gorilla, just stand there and you'll be fine!What could be easier? A human will likely vleed to death during an all out fight. Alternate Reality Versions. Yeah them gorillas got them canine teeth too huh. Battle. Unless maybe, if the man is fighting will baby gorilla, lol. They say that a gorilla can crush a man skull with just a squeeze of it’s hand but a bear will take a mans clean off with one swipe. After chimpanzees and bonobos, gorillas are one of the closest living relatives of human beings. By joining Slate Plus you support our work and get exclusive content. I would bet on the gorilla if there was some way to tell the gorilla "you have to fight until you or this person dies". Joe O'Connell, who went by the moniker "Wild Man," started boxing in 1942, and "[g]ot kissed in the boxing ring by Marilyn Monroe one time," according to the Baltimore Sun. Would a lone adult wolf be able to take down an unarmed, athletic adult human? In all vs. all it's a bit trickier. 1950s Avengers . So now, you’ve got a gorilla who most likely can catch up to all but the most elite sprinters on the planet. In movies like rise of the planet of the apes the gorillas are super strong but that is a movie and not real life. Gorilla VS Lion Real Fight - Lion VS Gorilla - Blondi FoksToday we will compare lion and gorilla about who is stronger. 5-4-3-2-1…” Continue playing and eliminating players until there is only one winner. Because the gorilla’s fighting responses are instinctual, not trained, they will be faster than the human’s. an orangutan could kill a average person since they are 6 times stronger, and since gorillas can be between 4-9x stronger than an average human, and the strongest man is eight times stronger than an average human, a gorilla could definitely kill the world's strongest man, since a gorilla can be 9x stronger than an average human. The problem would be the gorilla's canines but here's a fun fact:pound for pound humans jaws are actually STRONGER than those of gorillas.Yup,that's right,relative to our size we bite HARDER than gorillas.Sone people treat other primates like chimpanzees and gorillas like supernatural entities that can destroy humans no matter what,when they're flesh and blood just like us obviously. At that point, all—all—of the human’s possible advantages are out the window, and it’s all over but the screaming, bleeding, and dying. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The question is who would win in a fight no weapons nothing, a gorilla or a strongman/ world’s strongest man. Orang-utan and gorilla are two highly evolved primates and people refer them mistakenly more often than not. we may be as strong as a chimp pound for pound but don't forget that if you're not talking about pound for pound strength, they are actually stronger as they are a bit heavier with the same power to weight ratio, meaning they ultimately have more power. If you value our work, please disable your ad blocker. What is the best way to defend against an attack dog? There are a lot of potentially awesome animal battles out there: Jaguar vs Anaconda; Man vs Wolf; Tiger vs Crocodile. Gorilla (Silverback Gorilla) Gorillas are herbivorous apes and the largest living primates who are native to Africa. Join Slate Plus to continue reading, and you’ll get unlimited access to all our work—and support Slate’s independent journalism. It is larger than a man, and is remarkable for its massive skeleton and powerful muscles, which give it enormous strength. This makes the human’s fighter’s main hope of winning—almost immediately incapacitating the gorilla—very problematic. endurance and intelligence is our forte. An adult male chimp, he found, pulled about the same weight as an adult man. Answer by Arkadia Moon: So I’ve seen this before on this subreddit but I have some things to add. I’m inconclusive on this bout. Although a gorilla's legs are … Highly unlikely, if no firearms or tranquilizer guns are involved. A lot of the difficulty in assessing this is that you rarely find a chimp/gorilla that is specifically trying to kill a human at any cost. In some respects its anatomy, more than that of any other ape, except the chimpanzee, resembles that of man. The gorilla’s musculature and skeleton are considerably more robust than the human’s, which means that the gorilla will soak up much more punishment before … Gorilla (noun) A large, arboreal, anthropoid ape of West Africa. There are several astounding battles that have taken place in the wild. Immortal average man vs a Silverback Gorilla. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The gorilla would just hit one guy and kill him and it would put fear in the other men's eyes. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 2. Some variations that distinguish the classifications of gorilla include varying density, size, hair colour, length, culture, and facial widths. You mentioned the youtube video with the chimp... the chimp wasn't trying to kill the man. And you'll never see this message again. Slate relies on advertising to support our journalism. Wrestlers will appreciate the huge advantage involved; erect bipedality is a serious liability here. This is an adult male silverback gorilla: Did you take into account the Gorilla's agility vs that of the bear. I'd give the man the best odds and the gorilla the worst. The gorilla would figure it out pretty quickly that the man is trying to kill him and tear his ass up. As Conor McGregor said “precision beats power and timing beats speed”. The Grizzly Bear would completely dominate a Mountain Gorilla. If not the way the gorilla loses is by gassing out which I'm pretty sure he'd tear through at least 50 men by that point. I honestly used to think this until I thought about it and then I seen a video called chimp vs man on YouTube and it was a chimp attacking a man but the man easily stood up and got away because the chimp didn’t really know how to fight. Consider: What will happen is that the gorilla will close with the human and knock him off his feet. A study in the 40s proved that chimps are nowhere near that strong.In reality they are roughly as strong as humans in absolute terms,the difference is pound for pound.Because of this it's common sense that gorillas can't be much stronger than humans. I think it basically comes down to whether the bear goes for the man or the tiger first.

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